March 26, 2019

Coal stove hot air stirling engine fan

Coal fired stove hot air stirling engine fan circulating the heat through out the house. A LPHV = Low Pressure High Volume System, this home build stirling engine is of the gamma configuration and is turning a 62’’ 3 blade fan of 5” pitch. The engine is water cooled and drives the fan approximately 55 to 60 rpm providing 825cfm. As seen in this video, the engine is made from 100% recycled materials and is only proof of concept at this time. It is currently replacing 2, 20” box fans, each of which had a currant draw of 2.5amps of mains power. This stirling engine is also the base prime mover of a future combined heat and power system. Coal stove stirling engine, LPHV = Low Pressure High Volume System, cannon heater, us army cannon heater #20 Stirling Engine specifications power piston diameter 2.25” power piston stroke 3” displacer piston diameter 6” displacer piston stroke 3” 62’’ 3 blade fan fan pitch 5” rpm approximately 55 to 60 coal stove fire box temperature 500f = SHARE ROCKNTV1