December 28, 2013

stirling engine x3 Linear alternator generator

Linear alternator x3,TECH: powered by stirling engine, These linear alternator are an example of the induced current into a copper coil by magnetic flux as outlined by the Faraday theory. Here my,big tin can Stirling engine operates three Faraday coil linear alternator's which charge a capacitor circuit and power LED lamps. The linear alternator generates ac alternating currant from magnetic flux induced into the coils by driving magnets. Turning a Stirling engine into and an electrical generator in this action seems to cause no load to the engine other than kinematic friction derived from driving the weight of the magnets and their corresponding linkage. A sterling engine designed to drive a generator in this fashion, could conceivably run at any rpm to charge a storage battery or capacitor bank. The electrical circuit provided here by a common Shaker type flashlight, seems to produce no-load on the engine, therefore, even low output stirling engines could be used to generate electricity. In a world in need of alternative energy sources, These are my trials are creating a thermal mechanical generator for home use by using a heat source such as a wood stove combined with a stirling heat engine and a dc generator or linear alternator to charge batteries for of grid or back up electrical power systems. A big stirling engine hot air fan