December 24, 2013

Carburetor Icing small engine Prevention

Carburetor Icing, or carb icing,TECH:is a condition which can affect any carburetor under certain weather conditions. Carburetor icing occurs when there is high dew point in the air, and the temperature drop in the venturi causes the moisture to freeze. The ice will form on the surfaces of the carburettor throat, effectively making it smaller. This decrease in the Venturi size and intake manifold cuases a loss in engine power, and eventually restricts air flow enough to possibly even cause a complete blockage of the carburetor, and an engine to stall. Icing may also cause jamming of the mechanical parts of the carburettor, such as the throttle, usually a butterfly valve or throttle plate, in which case complete loss of throttle control is experienced. Small aircraft have carburetor heat systems to overcome the carb icing problem under certain atmospheric conditions when it may happen. Most snow blowers have shielding built around the engine to keep the heat in, however my old Briggs and stratton engine powered tractor do not. In this video, I show you a quick and cheap way to cure a Carburetor Icing condition which can affect any carbureted engine. = SHARE ROCKNTV1