January 11, 2014

Tool cabinet Craftsman vs 67831 general pro

Tool cabinet Craftsman vs general pro,67831MINDLESS BORING:A Christmas gift roller tool cabinet. I received in craftsmen bottom tool cabinet and decided to exchange it for the harbor freight general pro tool chest and cabinet combo. Unlike the 30 year old craftsmen toolbox made in the USA, the new ones are made in China, as are most of Harbor freight tools, including the tool storage boxes.
After fixing the wheels on my craftsmen box at least twice over the years, and looking at the general pro combination of roller cabinet and tool chest, I decided I would no longer pay sears extra money just for the brand-name. The heavy gauge steel on the general pro toolbox, ball bearing slides on the draws and on sale price sealed the deal. For less than the Cost of the now made in China craftsmen tool chest I got the entire toolbox chest and roller cabinet on sale at Harbor freight. While Santa may have been a bit disappointed the return of sears craftsmen toolbox, I however am not disappointed in my decision to buy the Harbor freight 67831 tool cabinet and top chest from U.S. general pro.

After 30 years in the mechanic and machine trade and watching many young people purchase snap on boxes off the truck, and fail to make their payments, I decided long ago I never would need and 8,000 dollar toolbox, as the box does not preform work or make any money. Storage of expensive to tools and a clean in the shop however does have make money,

it is the clean garage and lift Bay that will get my business every time over the disorganized shop or service station with a snap on toolbox against a wall. Tool boxes as status symbols are like kids and sneakers, or yuppies and ipods, not for me, I need quality tool storage, period. = SHARE ROCKNTV1