November 20, 2013

Lathe tool post grinder DIY

Live lathe toolingMINDLESS BORING: for the bigDog mini lathe (Bd 7x14) made from a flexible shaft grinder hand piece mounted on the tool post. This "down n dirty" tool post grinder setup can be adapted to fit on any size lathe, provided to tool holder is made on the lathe which it will be used. Here I show you how to make a tool post grinder very quickly.
The tooling holder here is made from wood and intended to be a prototype for an aluminum casting to be made later once the viability of the grinder setup has be determined. A hole of suitable size is bored in a block mounted on the lathe tool post, putting the grinder body and chuck at the lathes center, and parallel to the lathe bed. The block is slotted to allow clamping of the grinder. A tool post grinder may be used for many turning operations of hard materials that do not finish well with standard lathe turning tools. This tool post grinder may also be useful for the grinding of engine valves in a shop with out a dedicated valve grinding machine

. I wanted to show this in the home made diy tool post grinder video, however the only valve i had was so bent, it was not a candidate for an angle grind, the reason it was removed from service. Using this grinder in a tool post set up like this will also allow cross drilling and small end mills in a live tool application in both metal and wood turning or carving. I can also see a cross slide tooling plate set up for cheap gang tooling on the lathe. = SHARE ROCKNTV1