November 6, 2013

Electric SDS Rotary Hammer 69274 Drill

I need this sds rotary hammer to finish drilling a hole in concrete for a chimney flue pipe. Bought on day 3 of myMINDLESS BORING: concrete drilling project, the harbor freight rotary hammer drill 69274, because my Milwaukee non hammer drill wasn't providing enough impact to break up the aggregate rock.
I needed to drill some 1/2" holes through 8" thick concrete with a non hammer drill and had 5 heart attacks in 6 hours. I had to drill at and angle making the holes near 11.5 inches deep. I had new Bosch, Vermont American and skill masonry drill bits that i thought were American and German made, but turn out to be made in china and it took 15 to 20 minutes per hole to go only 3" deep. Trying to complete the job in a frugal manner i vowed to do it with my old Milwaukee drill, even after getting the go ahead from my better half to buy the rotary hammer, i pressed on, foolishly.

On the morning of day 3 and much shoulder pain, I drove down and bought the #69274 rotary hammer and sds drill bit set on sale and with the discount coupon. With haste I chucked up a 12" masonry bit and could not believe I wasted almost two days. I have used brand name Bosch, Hilti and makitah hammer drills in the past to do this same job and they were too expensive to own for one job, and renting a hammer drill for this one job would cost as much in time and effort than to just buy the harbor freight sds rotary hammer drill #69274 3-in-1, with Variable Speed and the 5 Piece 12" SDS Masonry Bits. It took less than a minute per hole with a 3/8" drill. I am not a fan of Chicago electric or harbor freight tools, but this one saved me. On a side note I always try to buy an American made quality tool, or the expensive brand names like Bosch, but as long as these tools are made in china any way, I will no longer hurt myself to do so. American manufacturers take heed,,, soon. I might as well buy from the source. Watch the review video of the Variable Speed SDS Rotary Hammer in action. = SHARE ROCKNTV1