October 31, 2013

Thru wall Insulated chimney flue install

Thru the wall chimney flue install TECH:Insulated double wall Supervent chimney flue installation kit for thru the wall class a stove pipe. This first part video Is a look at the thru the wall support kit from selkirk for the Supervent insulated chimney. This chimney installation kit is aimed at the diy Home owner and is available at the chain home improvement stores. The thru the wall kit is mainly intended to meet the building and fire code necessary on homes constructed with standard 16" framing of wall studs. I will however adapt the thru the wall kit to make the 6" supervent flue pipe penetrate the concrete basement wall and up the side of the house. This multi part supervent installation video has extensive information on how to install an insulated chimney flue on the exterior of the house with custom considerations.

Your chimney kit installation may vary,and this information is for use at your own risk, an local building/fire code must be adhered to as well as the selkirk instructions. Making large opening in the side of your house, or a 8" round hole in a concrete basement wall may be a bit daunting for the non professional chimney installer, however in this vid i show and tell the reasons and where fors of my insulated chimney flue, and some design concerns. Selkirk through wall flue installation Q n A

After making the full scale drawing of the flue pipe penetrating through the basement wall, And still not trusting my math, I decided it best to drill the hole in the concrete at the required angle to meet with the insulated tee pipe, before fabricating the wall support brackets. Drilling hole proved to be the hardest part of the entire chimney installation. A rotary hammer drilland sds masonry bits makes this a relatively easy job.

Insulated chimney flue custom made wall supports fabricated from 1/8 angle iron an welded by me. Double wall stainless steel stove pipe installation. Part4 Includes drilling the concrete wall for anchors to secure the wall brackets that mount the insulated tee at the base of the chimney. SuperVent chimney install, building to the roof PART5 Selkirk supervent chimney installation, finally attached the roof brackets, = SHARE ROCKNTV1