September 11, 2013

Wizard precision sewing machine

A Wizard precision deluxe sewing machine, made in Japan. This wizard sewing machine is a beautiful example of mid century craftsmanship, and I had to have it. With only a few dings in the paint, the nearly 60 year old precision deluxe is wearing a 57 chevy two tone color scheme with gold and chrome accents making it stand out from some more common utilitarian sewing machines of it day. While information on the wizard precision deluxe sewing machine is sparse, It has been said that these sewing machines were sold by the Western Auto stores and bought by brother. The machine seems to have had little use and probably lived in a basement storage, were the portable case collected dust and grime.

After about an hour of cleaning and oiling, I plugged the machine in to see the old wizard precision deluxe come to life in shiny glory, light and all. This antique sewing machine seem to need nothing more than a new belt, at which 50 years has taken its toll.
The model of this wizard machine is still un known to me at this time, but has many standard but re badged features such as the motor and speed control, that look like common mercury sewing machine parts. The machine has only straight stitching capabilities, but an adjustable presser foot tension and quick release, forward and reverse leaver, and a bobbin winder for the rotary type bobbin sewing machines. While many of the precision deluxe machines were built, I have never seen one before this and certainly not of this condition. To me the value of this wizard sewing machine is not in its collectability but in its quality, as this machine could very well be used for another 50 years. This wizard sewing machine will go into my growing collection next to my singer 27, of antique and vintage sewing machines and is not for sale at this time. = SHARE ROCKNTV1