September 7, 2013

Save liftgate build loading dock

Accepting a shipment on a hf 40939 mill would be a challenge.MINDLESS BORING:To save lift gate fees,I need to build A loading dock today. A dirt yard ramp that will allow me to receive a shipping crate that is an overweight item and would require a liftgate charge from the shipping company. Wiki says most commercial loading docks are 48" to 55" in height. I will use my tractor to build are temporary loading dock of gravel 18" lower to receive my harbor freight 40939 milling machine, 648lbs, crate and all.

The truck driver wa amazed at my dirt loading dock and was taking pictures, as we unloaded the truck. Perfect height and planning made for smooth delivery of the mill which was on a standard pallet. The ramp and trailer lined up so good with the truck, the pallet jack rolled the mill on to the tractor trailer in one try.
In the end, a couple hours work, my home made loading dock saved me a bit over 100$ in lift gate charges. I spent that much time searching the internet for the microscopic print on the harbor freight shipping info page. FYI, this page is NOT linked to from the harbor freight online order pages, If it is, I couldn't find it. Thnx hf, my 40939 mill arrived in nearly one piece. more info to come soon. = SHARE ROCKNTV1