September 11, 2013

40939 bench top knee milling machine

My 40939 mill from harbor freight was due to be delivered today.MINDLESS BORING: As per instruction from owners of the 6x26 knee mill, I should inspect the mill before unloading from the truck. A quick look at the shipping crate the bench mill did the journey from china in, revealed what appeared to be a fork truck size hole in the crate, not good. I would have to take a closer look at the 40939 mill before accepting the delivery.

After many thousands of miles around the world the hf 40939 mill had spat out the motor pivot pin, part #61 of the mill manual. The pin was rolling around the truck floor, good thing i saved it. The nut for the 40939 motor hinge was later found under the machine.
At 648lbs i don't consider this a bench top milling machine, and far from any mini mill. All said and done the shipping and condition of the 40939 mill seemed ok,
I signed the bill, and saved the gate charges with my home made loading dock. I can now say, after what has been a stressfull week of anticipation of the arrival of the mill, I have a giant smile on my face. Ordering the 40939 knee mill from the harbor freight web site left me expecting 5-17 weeks of lead time to make my home machine shop ready. The mill was delivered promptly and safely after only 11 days. Thank you harbor freight tools and Con-way trucking. = SHARE ROCKNTV1