August 12, 2013

SSD v300 flash drive kingston 240gb

SSD now kingston 240gb v300 flash drive,TECH:upgrade kit review. I am about to install this ssd v300 solid state hard drive in my older dv6000 laptop in place of my failing rotating disk hard drive. Many older computers may benefit from new ssd flash hard drive technology, by replacing the mechanical hard disk drive. My laptop is one of these, and a smart drive error reminding me of system disk failure, now finally resulted in a nonbootable disk at system start up. The solution was the reasonably priced ssd upgrade kit from kingston. The 240gb ssd now v300 is not the touted fastest flash memory hard drive on the block, but neither is my sata ports. That said, I purchased the ssd kit complete with data migration hard drive cloning software, Acronis true image, and a usb enclosure.

The kingston v300 ssd upgrade kit also comes with a sata data and power cables, plus hardware. Now that my hard disk clone has been successfully completed, on a duel boot ssd flash disk complete with windows vista and ubuntu linux I can once again shut down my laptop with confidence. Watch the ssd now 240gb v300 solid state flash drive video to see the upgrade kit. Kingston has provided a very affordable solid state ssd hard drive by combining the reputable sandisk controller technology and Toshiba flash memory Into an upgrade kit guaranteed to breath new life to a laptop lacking storage or has a failing hard drive. = SHARE ROCKNTV1