August 15, 2013

Install SSD in hp dv6000 laptop

How to install a ssd drive in a HP dv6000 laptopTECH: computer repair. Follow along as I show you how to fit the new Kingston solid state flash disk ssd, to replace and fix a reminding me of hard drive failure in a dv6000 /dv6700. New in 2008 the hp dv6000 laptop came with a 9.5mm hard drive of 250gb, the new kingston ssd in 7.5mm and uses a provided stick on spacer to fit the drive enclosure properly. The hp Dv6000 laptop also has a sata port adapter for the 2.5"drive bay that must be reused.
After installing the ssd flash memory disk in this computer I notice less cooling fan activity and a much cooler laptop, as the dv6000 prior to installing the solid state drive was a very hot notebook, and actually using the laptop on you lap would burn your legs. with less heat coming from the ssd the over all laptop is cooler, I can i can only assume battery life will be increased. = SHARE ROCKNTV1