August 6, 2013

Make Clonezilla boot cd flash drive

How to make a Clonezilla boot cd or flash drive.TECH: Clonezilla runs as the computer operating system from bootable media, either a cd rom or flash drive stick. Clonezilla is a free disk cloning soft ware for hard drives and partitions, and can help restore a hard disk from an image file or clone entire partitions for use on new drives. Clonezilla can also help you recover your OS and data files from a system crash or failing hard drive. Here i show you how to make the boot media for running clonezilla both cd rom for which you will need the .iso file and a bootable flash drive for which you will need the .zip file. Making the bootable cdrom is as easy a first downloading the proper file from the clonezilla web site and burning the .iso to a cdrom disk, which you will use to boot your computer.

To make a bootable flash drive you will need the .zip file of clonezilla, from which you will extract the the entire contents to the flash drive, then run make boot .exe from windows. How to make a Clonezilla boot cd or flash drive Video tutorial.

Howto make a boot cd, or flash drive of clonezilla, diy video tutorial = SHARE ROCKNTV1