August 2, 2013

WindMill Generator teaching science

Green science WindMill generator,TECH:Kids labs science kit teaching aid. This is a tutorial build of the green science windmill generator kit as you follow the instructions. The wind mill is a operating model with a small dc motor/generator and led light, can be used as a teaching aid in class rooms, and a demonstration tool. I make a few modifications to the windmill to make it work better, and help you understand the instruction manual. Assembly time of the green windmill generator project is a bit over 20 minutes and would be a great half hour class room teaching aid. You will need some glue, a small Phillips screw driver and probably a fairly large window fan to simulate for the wind as my experience with this wind powered generator model is that it does not work well in light wind and doesn't track well to changes in direction.

The green science windmill generator could be made to work if a bigger rotor blade was installed, and the tail fin increased in size. Still it isn't weather proof and would fail rather quickly if left out in the rain. The windmill generator kit is however a complete science project in a box, minus the drink bottle and screw driver, for a teacher looking for fresh, creative ways to demonstrate a science curriculum and Engage their students.
green science windmill generator is a clear plastic operating windmill and generator model, you can see the gears spinning and the light come on, The wind generator kids lab product fits into beginner electronics, electrical theory. Possibly, even how aerofoils work could also be an avenue for exploration.
By adding the green power aspect of moving from fossil fuels to the wind turbine, and other alternative methods of electric power generation, we may all have a more green earth to live in the future, barring my bad grammar and writing skills. = SHARE ROCKNTV1