August 22, 2013

SSD vs Harddrive speed test LIVE

SSD flash drive side by side with a magnetic platter hard drive speed test.TECH:The solid state ssd drive v300 by Kingston is a replacement for the failing hard drive in an hp hp dv6000 laptop. This hard drive speed test will be conducted using two identical laptop computers and disk drives that are exact copies or hard disk clones. The ssd drive is partitioned as a duel boot computer as is the the mechanical hard disk drive from which the clone was made. The speed difference is clearly evident in loading both ubuntu linux and windows vista, in a live side by side hard drive speed test.

While the new ssd drive is sata 3 capable, the laptops shown here are only sata first rendition, so the full speed of the ssd drive can not be reached. Watch the video of the SSD flash drive speed test side by side with a magnetic platter hard drive, and see how to speed up your computer just by installing an ssd flash drive upgrade kit.

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