July 14, 2013

wood stove after burner heat reclaimer

A , wood stove afterburner waste heat reclaimer,TECH: I call an after burner used to recover normally wasted heat. This secondary burn stove that is too small for my home heating needs, Is used In this technique to reclaim heat from char wood coals that most folk would waste into the ash can there by extending the btu output of my cord wood. As a response to the nay sayers of my diy insulated stove pipe experiment, I show the operating temperatures with a digital thermometer and the operation of my wood stove home heating system with the afterburner running. Increasing the efficiency and use of my available cord wood supply was as easy as shown by utilising the char wood coals from the primary burn chamber into the secondary "afterburner" stove i use very little extra fuel, and the waste heat is used to preheat the nearly 400lb heat storage stove.

The primary wood fired stove burns very clean at 600f, with the internal heat reclaimer /exchanger lowering the chimney flue gas temp to approx. 350f producing very little creosote. Needless to say I find it very satisfying to own my own chimney sweep tools and do this once a month when i bring in my fire wood. how to build diy insulated chimney flue = SHARE ROCKNTV1