July 15, 2013

Can Crusher Fastest in Universe

The world fastest can crusher in the Universe, MINDLESS BORING:This very fast can crusher is intended to compact aluminum cans saving space prior to recycling into cast-able aluminum ingots. Powered by a 16hp industrial commercial Briggs and Stratton engine with cast iron cylinder. The speed limit of crushing cans with this combination of machinery has not been matched any where in the world, as it will need a feeder machine to load the empty cans, or find a way to empty the beverage cans faster. As seen here the can crusher is only operating at a 50% duty cycle, 1000 crush cans /sec, a 100% duty cycle has not been recorded as the crusher can not been fed fast enough. The can crusher machine is fully portable and can be driven to your can crushing site of choice. The combined weight of the 2 piece construction of the can crusher machine is just shy of 2000 lbs, but can be lightened for transport to 1250 lbs if the main roller is emptied of ballast. Free plans, watch video of the fastest can crusher in the intergalactic universe. may be ;)