July 12, 2013

Stirling engine DIY Intex pool heater

Stirling engine DIY Intex pool heater, sears Automatic coal stove. TECH:The biggest can made stirling engine is running and heating water to warm my intex pool. The engine hot end of the displacer cylinder is set into the fuel feed port in the top of an antique sears automatic coal fired chick brooder stove. Burning scrap wood to power the stirling engine with waste heat materials from around my home. This stirling engine project, hand made and build from scrap, and re-purposed parts. Originally intended to be run inside my house to charge batteries, as part of a chp system, the engine is being tested as a prototype and is "just for sizing" as this stove is not meant for indoor use. This combination of coal stove and stirling engine is raising the temperature of my pool water from 72 to almost 100f with gravity syphon water cooling. The engine also ha a small electric pump for water cooling, but is not being used during this test.

This is the upgraded stirling engine with cast iron power piston and a steel cylinder. Because the compression ratio of this engine nearly 8:1, far excedes the recomended 1.5:1 of high temperature diferential stirling engines it behaves more like a Ltd stirling engine in that without a much larger flywheel to over come the compression, the cooling water of the pool must be heated to near boiling by a preheater as shown. Made from copper coils around the exaust pipe of the wood burner.
A big stirling engine using the swimming pool for the cold side, The engine is using the heat from a small wood stove with a hot end temperature above 600f. The pool water is below 80f. This stirling engine uses LTD 8:1 compression ratio for swept volume and requires preheating of the coolant water to near boiling by the copper tubing. the displacer piston is touch abit from not being level on the ground. the coolent is in the can above the displacer cylinder. https://www.rockntv1.com/2013/07/stirling-engine-diy-intex-pool-heater.html = SHARE ROCKNTV1