July 6, 2013

stirling engine displacer cylinder diy by hand, with my feet

hand made diy stirling engine displacer cylinder and piston.TECH:The displacer piston and cylinder in a stirling engine does as the name suggests, displaces the working fluid in a stirling engine from the hot side heat exchanger to the cold side, allowing the air in this case to be heated and cooled in a kinematic timed event, there by causing the expansion and contraction of this gaseous fluid. This action as a function of the crankshaft mechanism allows these event of high and low pressure to act on the power piston of the gamma configuration stirling engine. The piston working inside the displacer cylinder is a loose fit allowing the gas to flow in and out of the swept volumes contained with in. Any volume contained inside the displacer cylinder not swept by the piston id considered dead volume and does not contribute to the work output of the stirling cycle. This "dead volume" may be used as a regenerative area, effectively becoming a third internal heat exchanger to supply a "preheat" and cooling of the working fluid maximising efficiency of of both the cooling and heating ends of a stirling engine. The gamma stirling engine being build here is the "world biggest beer can stirling engine" by ROCKNTV1, a diy build that may be built by any one with basic hand tool at home, with out access to commercial machine tools. === manual do motor, diy stirling engine, by hand, leandro wagner, leandrojwfloha, do not deny, apologies, and tips accepted, if im wrong, doubt full, heat engine, made at home, casa, with my feet, and simple tools, lol, ;)