April 4, 2013

Stirling Engine on wood stove bigger fan

Stirling Engine on wood stove with bigger fan: This was the point of building a stirling engine. To If i could build a water cooled stirling cycle engine that would turn a big fan and generate enough electricity to charge 12 volt batteries. This proto type engine made from big beer cans or kegs is not made to last but to prove out the cylinder sizing and temperature differentials necessary to run a stirling engine with rotating mass approaching 10 lbs.

Basicly, an LTD design Stirling engine built from steel with only 2 wooden lathe turned parts remaining, the displacer piston crank pin, and a bushing to size the flywheel to the crankshaft. The Stirling engine shown has run a max rpm of 180 turning a 40" fan blade and powered a small dc motor to 1.5 volts electrical output. Whilst certainly not enough electricity for off grid alternative energy use, yet, I feel the sizing of power piston and displacer in this Stirling engine configuration, and build from proper materials will yield a wood stove generator that will charge a 12 volt backup battery bank, and turn the fan silently.
video: Temperature testing the biggest can stirling engine on a wood stove to see the differential of the hot and cold space of the engine while running.