March 25, 2013

stirling engine big fan test

This is a test of a big stirling engine with a cooling fan installed, intended as an alternative / supplemental energy source to be mounted as a heat exchanger on a wood stove. The 20'fan blade on the engine is made of steel and is just shy of 2 lbs, with approx. 6oz of counter weight to add to the fly wheel effect. This really smoothed out the power cycle impulses inherent in large one cylinder engines. This stirling engine is to operate with a hot air temperature difference of 400-600f on the hot end on 60f cooling water @ 150rpm has been achieved, so far,,,, stirling engine Made by john@ROCKNTV1, Entirely from big beer cans and home made parts.

video, Big stirling engine fan test
Earlier tests of this stirling cycle engine showed a willingness for the engine to run well out of the 90 degree crankshaft phasing and closer to "straight up". I believe this was caused by decent pressure sealing and displacer piston acceleration speed related to the "long throw, short connecting rod combination.

Here I have fitted a 44" fan blades to the hot air engine as a sort of governor to limit the speed of the engine. I also believe I am at about the limit of the cans as pressure vessels as the weight of the fan blade and torque required is causing much flex in both the top and bottom of the displacer cylinder of the engine. = SHARE ROCKNTV1