April 14, 2013

stirling engine FARADAY GENERATOR

Stirling engine with FARADAY GENERATOR TECH: Using the innards from a shaker flash light as a demonstration of a linear alternator running by a stirling cycle engine and generating electricity by means of Faraday's law. The magnet is being driven through the copper coil by an auxiliary connecting rod, inducing an ac currant in the circuit.
This voltage is rectified to dc and stored in a capacitor for usage, in this example a led light. The beauty in this system, is the load induced by generating power is only applied at the capacitor and rectifier and not at the stirling engine crankshaft it self, for only for the friction induced to the reciprocating mass by the weight of the magnet and corresponding driving mechanism is involve.Stirling engine with FARADAY GENERATOR, video is another stage in the wood stove electric generator experiment by john ROCKNTV1

This test shows me, I think, ;) that a scaled up version could produce enough power to charge 12 volt batteries by pulse, eliminating a charge controller. Or, with a stirling engine build to run a specific rpm and gearing, ac power induced in the system at a phase of your choice,,, hmm drive a pulse motor from a fire hmmm.