March 12, 2013


MINDLESS BORING:WORLDS BIGGEST BEER CAN STIRLING ENGINE build by ROCKNTV1 A hot air stirling engine built to drive a dc generator to charge batteries FROM A WOOD STOVE. How To Make High Power Stirling ENGINE, alpha, beta, gama with water cooling. The displacer piston goes to the hot end with a stroke = 2.5" The displacer and connecting rod is made of .5" oak dowling and coat hanger wire. the displacer outer body and water cooling chamber is 2 party keg size beer cans of steel. A press fit is used here requiring some sheet metal working or 'tin knockin". Power piston and body made from bicycle tire pump. d=2.0" stroke 2.0". I built myself a crankshaft for this stirling engine from a bass drum kick peddle, bolts, my lathe, and drill press.

WORLDS BIGGEST BEER CAN STIRLING ENGINE build by ROCKNTV1 video stirling Low Temperature Difference Engine hog engine (LTD) with low friction for D.C. Power generator lathe, crankshaft, machine shop woodturning mini lathe gaRage home made steam Engine, steam punk, art. OFF GRID electricity, diy, howto, STIRLING ENGINE ELECTRIC GENERATOR After almost 3 years of upgrades the biggest home made beer can stirling engine has finaly reached the end of its enhancement phase. It now has a cast iron power piston, and steel cylinder.