January 31, 2012

HP DV6000 Hard drive failure imminent

TECH:HP DV6000, Hard drive failure imminent, if you had received either of the next two warnings, there is a good chance you need to backup your data or replace your hard disk drive. Smart failure predicted on hard drive disk:warning: a failure may be eminent. In my Hewlett-Packard DV6000/6700 laptop is a ATA Fujitsu MHZ2250BH G2 250gig hard disk. Purchased at about the end of 2008, the laptop exhibited excessive hard drive usage even while brand-new and before having any software installed. The disk defragmenter installed by Windows vista seems to want to run in the background, but did so even on the new hard drive. (HDD)
After becoming familiar with the HP DV6000, I began to record audio and video to the laptop through the 1394 firewire port, this is where the real errors began to happen. The recorded video had stutters and defects that would show up as a hard drive light rapidly flashing while the video was playing. After deciding the internal hard drive was problematic, an external drive was added to the laptop and seemed to cure the video recording problems. By now I was convinced it was the hard drive on the out of warranty laptop. Another year passed, recording my videos this way to external hard drives and one day after read booting the laptop came back with a smart drive error, the failure may be eminent. Smart failure predicted on hard disk, backup your data and replace hard disk immediately. I have been running the computer for the last six months this way, by canceling out of this error, and have moved my data. At this point I cannot say whether or not this is erroneous to error, or something that could be remedied by a firmware update to the hard disk drive. Just saying the words "Smart drive error" on a computer is painful.