January 31, 2012

Generator engine break in period

Shop ROCKNTV1: I have never had a gasoline engine with out a break in period. In this video I show you my new spgg1000e portable gas engine generator running, and checking the voltage. After adding gas and the recommended amount of oil of engine oil, and a few gallons of gas, we proceeded to start the generator and quickly lower the engine rpm with the adjustment screw. Checking the output voltage at each of the generators power sockets with a multimeter, and having 110 and 240 volts proved that the (avr) automatic voltage regulator was working properly. Varying the throttle on the 15 hp gas engine on the generator for the next four hours between one-third and 3/4 would be the extent of this engine break in period. Of course we would have to reset the engine rpm to get the generator to produce its 10,000 watts maximum rating under load. We would now change the oil in the generator to quality full synthetic oil, draining the break in oil to drain manufacture and assembly debris.
The manual for this Steele products generator explains changing the oil after the first 20 hours of use. But for our purposes we will change the break in engine oil after four hours of running. A lot of new gas engines, have been pre-run and have synthetic oil in them from the factory. This engine however did not. I used an off-the-shelf oil, and throttle the engine to half speed. Then we would change to synthetic oil for the rest of the engines life. An engine break in period and oil change allows several things, manufacture and assembly debris to be flushed from the new engine, and several of the rotating parts, to run-in and mate together together with each other before having to do actual work and being loaded during generator electrical production. This break in process for a gas engine generator, can be seen as a bit of insurance policy towards a long life for your new gas engine generator.
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