February 4, 2012

Jabra extreme DFU driver fail

TECH: Jabra extreme bluetooth headset, dfu mode firmware update bt530 jabra PC Suite driver install problems. Jabra extreme Titanium review. After the download of the jabra pc suite and the DFU usb drivers for win xp, windows vista 32 bit and the 64 bit versions, and trying to install the dfu firmware update mode drivers to 4 different computers, the usb dfu drivers fail to install on all attempts.
Watch this Jabra extreme bluetooth headset, ROCKNTV1 tech video. A bit of confusion as to which model Jabra bluetooth headset I had because it is marked as a BT530 but is really a Jabra extreme Titanium. According to the jabra web site there is no difference in the pc suite software to control the voip functionality, but the Extreme version is not listed in the supported devices,,hmm. Updating the firmware on the Jabra extreme bt530 may not be necessary, I like the headset, it fits my ear well with the provided ear gels and hook, and works well with my cell phone.

Most, who do the update to this Jabra bluetooth headset need the usb dfu driver, and are trying to improve compatibility of the Jabra extreme bt530 and their apple, iphone or ipad. Please be advised this is an advanced pc user that was attempted on windows xp sp3 and vista and may not be necessary for acceptable usage of the Jabra extreme bluetooth headset ,but is more of an effort in "hotrodding" the device through a firmware update on the usb port for which a dfu driver is needed.
Here are a couple of suggestions directly from Jabra's Product Support
1. You say that when you first plug in the headset to the PC, you get the Windows message that it's trying to install the DFU drivers - the headset shouldn't be in DFU mode at that point.
2. I see you have a USB Hub - I'd strongly recommend plugging the headset directly into the PC's USB port and you cannot use the car charger adapter that comes with the Extreme, you have to use a fully wired cable.
@603tomt thnx 4 watching, let me first say the bt530 was fully wired usb2 dedicated all ways to heaven, as i stated. Windows message that it's trying to install the DFU drivers, only occurs when the jabra extreme is placed into dfu mode, otherwise it is "just charging". thnx 4 watching
This video is about Jabra extreme DFU driver fail bt530. windows XP wont load the driver
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