January 29, 2012

Install Portable Generator Wheel Kit

Shop ROCKNTV1:How to install a, Portable Generator Wheel Kit. My steele products portable generator came with a never flat wheels set and handles along with rubber insulated cushions to reduce vibration. in this video, I show you how to install the wheel Kit to my generator. Most people who purchase portable generators for home backup power, to do not have to move their generator very far.
Usually just around garage, or to the back of the pick up for outings, where electrical power was needed. Over 250 pounds my 10,000 watt generator would be a bear to move with out a wheel kit. The spGG1000E generator also came with handles making it easy to move. Watch this video, I show you how to install a mobility wheel Kit on my 10,000 watt generator. requires minimal Assembly. = SHARE ROCKNTV1