December 15, 2011

Micrometer Caliper LS Starrett 436

MINDLESS BORING:Starrett outside Micrometer Caliper, Machinist always have and will continue to have a need for precision measuring tools and devices. The longer you are in production machining, hobby or prototype, you will find your tool box full of all types of vernier Micrometer Caliper. Starrett OUTSIDE Micrometer Caliper No 436 1 inch and a Starrett 2c OUTSIDE vernier Micrometer Calipers are some of the best, and have been in use by professional machinist over a hundred years.
Just a quick video about a pair of Starrett Micrometer Caliper in my tool box, and a few tips for their usage. Made in the USA, these L.S. Starrett Micrometer No 436 and no 2c 1-2" inch Caliper old but as accurate as the day they were made. While a lot of folks are buying the Chinese knock off brand Micrometer Calipers, or their digital versions, no machinist worth his salt would be caught measuring a high dollar part with a ten dollar mic. = SHARE ROCKNTV1