January 13, 2012

Steele SPGG1000E portable generator review

Shop ROCKNTV1: Steele Products SP-GG1000E 10000 Watt 4-Cycle Gas engine portable generator review video: The shipping company delivered my 10000 Watt generator set today. Purchased though Sears because of the generator parts available for a made in china product, from sear parts direct. Having features i needed like 60hz output power and 240 volts with 8000 watts constant load and 10,00 watt continuous load handling. The SP-GG1000E by Steele has a 15 horse power gas engine by Jiangdong company of china, and looked to be an well built portable generator for home backup power.
The plan is to run the generator in my garage, to monitor the amperage and voltage meters from the control panel. SP-GG1000E with 12 dc, 8 gallon gas tank and wheel kit. JD Power Equipment, Steele Products SP-GG1000E 10000 Watt generator set, Jiangdong Gasoline engine, Jiangsu Group, 420 cc electric start with recoil starter, 8120 | 10000 surge Watt 4-Cycle Gas engine portable generator review video, generator parts. portable generator 10000 Watt part2 twice is nice, this unit looks good. With Wheel Kit & Electric Start. # 15HP OHV engine with oil alert # Runs 8.5 hrs at 1/2 load # 4-120V outlets, 1-120V twist-lock outlet, 1-120V/240V twist lock-outlet, 1-12V DC outlet, and protective circuit breaker # Amp and voltage meters = SHARE ROCKNTV1