November 22, 2011


TECH:DIRECTV SATELLITE DISH RECEIVER HACK, objective, cheap hard drive. In this video we complete a dumpster diving excursion to find a DIRECTV SATELLITE DISH model r15. There are many electronic components inside the satellite dish receiver that can be used for hobby electronics devices. The main one we are looking for is the hard drive that is the heart of the DVR.

DIRECTV Dish reciever VS AIR GUN Trail np xl 1100 DIRECTV SATELLITE DISH RECEIVER HACK this video has nOTHING TODO WITH THE DIRECTV SATELLITE SERVICE. this for all the people trying to steal the directv service, slow motion video. The DIRECTV R15 dvr has a 160 gig seagate hard drive that we want to use and is the first component to be hacked from the dvr case. Most dvr's that come with this type of service will have a hard drive in it, although the size is not standard. Finding cheap hard drives is not hard, it just takes a little work. Probably any satellite receiver or cable tv DVR will have parts you can use, see video. = SHARE ROCKNTV1