November 12, 2011

machine level Starrett 98 4

MINDLESS BORING: Starrett 98-4 4-Inch Precision Machinists Level. Precision measuring tools in the machine shop, are a necessity to complete accurate work and parts. These tools always, come premium price and sometimes cost more than the machines themselves. The machinists level is used to accurately set the base of a machine or parts on a work surface accurately level. The Starrett 98-4 4-Inch Level with a precision ground and hardened V groove base is made in the USA, and is a quality machine tool, that with proper care you will be able to hand to your grandchildren.
Precision measuring tools you can trust. Starrett 98 Precision Machinists Level The Starrett 98-4 is accurate to approximately 80-90 seconds or .005 per foot. One will have to upgrade to the Starrett 98-6, 6" level if a cross vile is needed. The Starrett 98-4 4" Precision Machinists Level has a calibration screw to compensate for small bumps and bruises that happen to tools in the machine shop. The level has a friction operated, satin finished drum to cover the bubble vile when not in use = SHARE ROCKNTV1