October 14, 2011

speech to text on linux Dragon NS

Tech: A demo video showing dragon NaturallySpeaking version 2.02 from approximately 1997 running on Ubuntu Linux with wine. I have set up Ubuntu to run wine from synaptic package manager, it is the latest stable version. Dragon Naturally Speaking from nuance software seems to be a good fit under Linux and works well, I am writing this post using it now. Speech to text of has been missing from linux natively, but with the addition of wine this popular dictation software and the used with out Windows. Many newer versions of Naturally Speaking available and when set up properly and trained to the users voice the computer and interfaces may be controlled from just speech.
with higher efficiency then this old version you see displayed in this video. Proper set up of a quality USB headset and microphone warned a role better efficiency in the dragon NaturallySpeaking speech detects software. For people with handicaps, disabilities or just plain slow with typing, with speech to text functionality your computer becomes your personal secretary. I am using an older Logitech USB headset that fits well and has good gain in the microphone, proper adjustment for comfort and audio will improve Naturally Speaking's ability and accuracy in Speech Recognition.
The newest version will undoubtedly operate
Testing the accuracy of the Naturally Speaking software.
I realized that the dragon text window was blury so this is the extended remake of the speech to text test.