October 19, 2011

Insulated Stove Pipe DIY Flue

TECH: Do it yourself, insulated stove pipe. Here are I show you how to make double wall insulated pipe for wood stoves. Unlike the stainless steel expensive manufactured insulated stove pipe this is temporary and informational. I decided to make this pipe this year to maintain an amount of heat inside the wood stove pipe, to better control creosote build up, and cause better draft inside my wood stove chimney flue. I am using standard 6 in. black stove pipe wrapped with fiberglass insulation and covered in 8 in. stove pipe.
This homemade DIY insulated stove pipe will be used outdoors, where it will have no protection from the weather. Used in conjunction with a heat exchanger reclaimer will help you save money on heating bills. The cold outdoor air and snow takes the heat from the stove pipe causing creosote to condensate on the inside. This double wall insulated pipe or manufactured stainless steel will help cure that, though is not recommended for indoor or through the roof use. I used cheaper galvanized 8 in. pipe to cover the sections of heavy wall black pipe and the insulating material is regular pink insulation with the backing material removed. ** use this information about Here i build the DIY INSULATED CHIMNEY FLUE AT YOUR OWN RISK ** = SHARE ROCKNTV1