October 21, 2011


TECH: Yamaha MX12/4 mixing board, If you are a band your sound is life. So why cheese on your mixing console, poor sound will make or break your show. Live, or recorded in the studio the quality of your mixer board, and its features have as much to do with your finished product as your instrument playing. A good mixer must do more than just mix. Signal-routing and patching is key, as is the quality of the components. The MX12/4 has 8 mono input channels with both balanced XLR-type microphone inputs and balun TRS phone jack line inputs. This mixer has built-in digital re-verb system and a 7-band graphic equalizer, 3-band equalization on each input channel. Independent monitor and effect send controls on each channel provide excellent signal-routing flexibility. Watch ROCKNTV1 video

The effect send output can be switched to function as a second distributed monitor output, while the effect send controls feed the MX12/4 sound mixing console's internal digital signal processor system. Group Assignments can be made on odd/even bus switches with pan controls allow the input channel signals to be assigned to any or all of the mixer board's four group busses. Each group buss has its own linear fader and group output. Insert send/return patch points are included on channels 1 through 4 for convenient insertion of compressor/limiters, equalizers, or any other outboard equipment. Rec outputs provide a line-level stereo output for convenient recording of the main program, while tape inputs with a level control allow the output from a recorder or other line-level source to be added to the console's stereo signal. = SHARE ROCKNTV1