October 23, 2011


TECH: ALTO HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER HPA6, A headphone amplifier is designed to amplify an audio signal to multiple sets of headphones and mixes different input signals to each set. If you're in a band and serious about recording or on a stage where your monitors may not give you what you need, a headphone amplifier and send the signal to individual set of headphones and allow you to hear what you want to hear. Lets for example say your vocalist is not happy with their monitor sound, a headphone amp will allow them to hear themselves better. Or, the drummer may not be able to hear as much of the bass player as needed for various monitor or stage setup reasons. See video

A headphone amplifier, fed properly with the correct signal from the sound reinforcement system will let the drummer have more bass in their headphones with out increasing the bass levels on stage. In this video I show you my headphone amplifier made by Alto, model number HPA6. It is a six channel professional level headphone stereo amplifier, that runs on a 120 AC and is built to run rack mounted. This headphone amplifier features 6 independent, stereo, high-power amplifiers for maximum audio quality even at high volume levels. Six separate direct input/mix sections 46 stereo mixes, also stereo auxiliary inputs for all six channels. Output level control for each of the six individual channels. The HPA6, also has model and left right mute buttons per channel for additional control. It and power three headphone outputs pro channel on the front and rear panels. For segment LED output level display per channel. Deserve the appellants gold plated XL are and quarter range TRS connectors, and a high quality, rugged steel and aluminum rack amount designed case for professional durability. For home, studio, stage recording, this headphone amp is a great piece of audio equipment. = SHARE ROCKNTV1