March 21, 2021

Drone Crash gps Fail or Pilot Error

Rc drones with gps are nothing new in 2021. The shear amount of miniature technologies packed into the latest Quadcopter designs make these devices flyable. Quite likely a human could not fly a four rotor machine let alone a sub 2lb device in anything more than a slight breeze. I the early 90s when one could go to an outdoor store and buy a gps for survival gear when hiking the accuracy was said to be about 30 feet, which would be quite good for finding a lost soul in the woods.

Drone Crash gps Fail or Pilot Error For a flight uav, and autonomous driving vehicles, this just will not do. So multiple gps satellites are used to “close the gap”. This quadcopter needs at least 10 satellites, reportedly, to accurately fly a pre planned flight path. Many things, including weather can hamper the positioning of the uav, including pilot error when programming the flight plan,, not the least. The loss in signal from even one satellite can trash the best plan flights of a quadcopter drone with camera, as shown in the video.
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