February 27, 2021

Stirling engine Model Engineering

This is a model Stirling engine that can produce no electricity as it is not powerful enough but to run it self. It can not run a generator. The stirling engine is a external combustion engine that uses the heat of external sources and converts this into mechanical motion by harnessing the expansion and contraction of hot air or other inert gases. We will disassemble this model stirling engine to make engineering drawings and asses the engines build quality according to standard stirling engine cycle practice. After watching these video you will better know how to build a stirling engine.

Stirling engine Model Engineering kit
It is my personal opinion That people use the terms of efficiency of the stirling engine as some sort of gold standard in the production of alternative energy. However if you consider the use of a “waste heat” source, Then any amount of meaning full work becomes a net plus. The designs of stirling engines vary by every builder, yet the thermodynamic remains the same. Machining and assembly quality and better materials will usually result in a better preforming engine, and allow a designer to push the envelope of stirling cycle accepted norms. = SHARE ROCKNTV1