January 31, 2021

Mini Lathe project Stirling engine Piston

Mini Lathe, How to a Make Piston for a Stirling engine. Lathe project, machining a piston from cast aluminum to be a power piston of a big stirling engine. A mini metal lathe project for hobby machinist and model engine builders. Lathe machining O.D. Lathe turning I.D.

Mini Lathe project Make Piston for Stirling engine. The aluminum casting was homemade. This will be the second lathe turned piston for this stirling engine. It will replace the plastic and teflon piston but will eventualy be replaced with one made from cast iron. While thw mini lathe show has a 7" swing, parts to be turned with this machine over 3' OD will require some creative setup to get the tool post back far enough for machining operations.

Make a Stirling Engine Power Cylinder. A Logan Lathe boring a copper pipe https://www.rockntv1.com/2019/07/boring-stirling-engine-power-cylinder.html to be a cold side power piston cylinder. The power or working cylinder of a stirling engine is where the expanded gas pushes on the face of a piston to turn the engine. A logan lathe is used for this machining operation. A stirling engine build to be a homesteading generator.comments