December 29, 2020

XEON 771 Bios Mod socket 775 790i Ultra sli

XEON 771 Bios Mod socket 775, RETRO PC GAMING, 790i Ultra SLI, Bios Mod socket 775, for XEON 771 cpu? Do you really need the bios mod for a socket 775 retro gaming pc for the intel xeon to work? Your motherboard may not need a modified bios to work properly. I show you how to determine if you need to do the bios mod by adding socket 771 xeon microcode to the factory bios. The motherboard here is an EVGA 790i ultra sli atx platform and nforce 790i chipset by NVIDIA.

The socket 771 xeon, after the pin mod adapter, and the modified key slots, physically fits the socket 775 motherboard. However there are a few subtle differences in the silicon. While both the yorksfield quad and the harpertown quad have the same instruction sets. The consumer cpu has features one would think the workstation server class cpu should have but doesn't. Watch video and see for your self.
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