August 24, 2020

big stirling engine build diy water cooling

STIRLING ENGINE with HOMEMADE WATER COOLING. A big stirling engine build with diy water cooling as proof of concept that a home made stirling engine can easily produce 55-75 watts of power when heated by a small wood stove. The stirling engine shown here is using a compression ratio closely matching that of an LTD (low temperature differential) engine build, rather than a high temperature differential engine, even though it is using the heat of a wood stove as the external combustion source of heat. I hope to be able, in the future, to drive an electric generator for of grid and homesteading power generation.

With the swept volume of this gama displacer type of engine approaching 8:1 the coolant must be near boiling. This suggests that an air cooled version using similar ratios could be used to simplify construction of the engine. As it stands now, the most costly component of the engine is the power cylinder and its piston, with the next being the junction between the hot and cold ends of the displacer. This being the case because of the expectation of “ease of rebuild” necessitating a removable air tight joint.