August 31, 2020

A Logan 920 11” lathe boring operation on steel pipe nipple. The lathe has an 8” scroll chuck and is setup in back gear to turn at about 90 rpm. The lathe tool is a hand grind left hand hss tool bit. When the finished boring is complete, a piston will be turned from cast iron to fit the steel cylinder + 0. / - .0005 and be used ring-less in a big stirling engine.

The HSS (high speed steel) is ground left hand, and mounted in the boring bar to be fed towards the lathe chuck. Both the lathe cross slide and compound slide are used to make infeed ajustments to the lathe in fine and course adjustments. When using a lathe compound rest on an angle in feed adustments can be made that are smaller than the micrometer dials indicate. A brased carbide tool was tested first, but was prone to chipping at the interupted cut of the weld
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