June 17, 2019

Windows 7 Ultimate Fake

Windows 7 Ultimate Fake, I Tried to buy windows 7 ultimate from ebay, turned out to be fake, counterfeit. Microsoft was no help unless I was to install it first, and run genuine advantage. For me that was not an option. I am building a vintage computer system to be a flight simulator and do not need the added headache of a possibly problematic operating system. Here I show you what to look for. To the best of my knowledge, no genuine copy of windows 7 was produced anywhere but Puerto Rico, so a box labeled made is USA if a red flag.

The counterfeit copies also have subtle differences on the Microsoft Genuine seal, which likely cant be determine to be real unless a known good copy can be compared. A big give a away that the copy of the software is a fake is the hologram stickers on the disks, and any misspelling on the box. COA, product key, win 7, copy disk, License = SHARE ROCKNTV1