June 13, 2019

Make PTO Drive Shaft Extension

Making A PTO Drive Shaft Extension:This is a drive shaft that drives a snowblower from the pto of my tractor. I will make an extension to the rectangular shafting by machining a round steel bar in the Logan 920 lathe, turning and threading the od. Set up the pto shaft in the lathe milling attachment to drill and tap a threaded hole to accept the longer tip. Tack the 2 pieces together by mig welding, then mill the round bar to match the existing shaft.

A white gt1855 with a Cub Cadet 450 snow blower, that I made an electric lift for. Thrying to get a bit more engagement of the slip yoke. 450, 451 and 551 Snowblower pto shaft extension, thread cutting on lathe. home made lathe milling attachment, Logan lathe harbor freight 40939 6x26 milling machine = SHARE ROCKNTV1