May 21, 2019

Stirling Engine HAF Space Heater

HomeMade Stirling Hot Air Fan Space Heater, A Stirling engine build at home, made from cans, Is driving a fan to circulate the hot air around the garage. The heat source is a propane gas burner set to output approximately 5000 btu. The home made stirling engine will run about 9-11 days on the 35lbs gas bottle. The heat output of the burner alone would rise to the ceiling and leave nearly none of the lower air space above freezing. The outside temperature is 10f, inside 45f. The engine is water cooled with an internal coolant volume of 1 liter at 85f.

The engine is only driving the 3 blade fan at 65 rpm, at this level of heat input, however the 5” pitch ad 48” diameter causes a low pressure high volume column of air large enough to efficiently eliminate the separation of the hot and cold air layers in the space. The engine is big enough to run in a wood/coal stove. = SHARE ROCKNTV1