May 20, 2019

Parting Under Power Cutting Off

Parting or cutting off, on the lathe is a common machining operation, when making turned parts. The parting tool, or straight blade, is fed into the work directly on center, and is best done using power cross feed of a lathe so equipt. Parting can be done by hand feeding the cross slide with the hand wheel, on lathes with out a lead screw or automatic apron. This video shows a parting operation on a cast iron piston for a stirling engine. Cast iron is normally cut dry, however here I use a bit of cutting oil to lower heat build up in the parting tool and reduce the chance of breakage and ruining the job. By using automatic or power cross feed to accomplish the parting off, the consistency of of the tool feed into the work increases the success rate of the operation by reducing the chance of the tool digging in, breaking, or pulling lightly clamped parts out of the lathe chuck.