May 31, 2019


MINI LATHE IMPROVEMENT MODS KBIC MOTOR CONTROL. The 7x14 mini lathe from big dog was sold with a kbic dc motor control. The 90v dc motor is controlled by the kbic-125 scr speed control board. Much improvement to the running of the motor and operation of the mini lathe can be had by properly adjusting the trip pots on the motor control board. Some of these mods include, Dynamic braking, and torque / load compensation. Identify your DC MOTOR controller here
Some of these min lathe mods include, Dynamic braking, and torque / load compensation, currant limiting, min / max speed control and accel deccel, duration. These adjustments can be used in concert with a motor drive pulley set and greatly improve the torque of the mini lathe. At the time of this writing I can not confirm if any other brand chinese made mini lathe has this motor speed control. READ kbic dc manual PDF = SHARE ROCKNTV1