May 29, 2019

6x26 Mill HomeMade fly cutter fix vise

Harbor Freight 40939 mill 6x26 HomeMade fly cutter, r8 collets, fly cutting a cross slide vise , that will never be a milling attachment for a lathe. A bit of show n tell on lyndex, and hand grinding HSS cutting tools, and fixing the hardened jaws on my yuasa vise. Shop tips on how flycutting is an indicator of milling spindle tram accuracy. Fine Feed, and using a knee mill for Z axis. How to fix a cheap cross slide vise.
Watch more video like thisFly cutting on the milling machine is an excellent indicator of mill spindle tram condition, especially when the cutter diameter is 6". The leading and trailing machining marks left by the flycutting tool can help determine which direction the mill head / spindle axis must be tilted to bring the motion of the fly cutting tool coplaner with the X and Y axis of the mill table movements. Here I flatten the base of this cheap cross slide vise to eventually become part of the frame of a flame licker engine. cross slide vise = SHARE ROCKNTV1