April 18, 2019

How To Level the ground Intex Pool

How To Level the ground for Intex swimming Pool. The Egyptian way, of course. Many methods can be used to level the ground under the swimming pool area. Cheap 4” bubble levels like a carpenter might use, can be a leveling aid for smaller pools. The level's reach can be extended by using on top of a long piece of lumber, as shown in the video. This way of leveling the pool area may also be used in the same way as a long straight edge is used to screed a concrete surface level.

Another way to level the ground during preparation of the area for a swimming pool is the Line Level. This type of level is suspended on a string between 2 stakes to the exact same hieght above the ground to be leveled. The the ground level is measured to the string and prepared to be the same measurement in the area the pool will be installed. Laser levels can be used in nearly the same way as measuring level from the suspended sting, only the beam is used. I prefer the Egyptian method of leveling my swimming pool, by using water, considered by many as the way the pyramid bases were leveled before construction. This way to level the ground for your pool is best explained in this video.