July 3, 2013

water cooled stirling engine DIY at home

World biggest water cooled stirling enginemade from beer cans at home.MINDLESS BORING:A water cooling experiment of a hand made diy stirling engine as a testing phase of a high temperature differential stirling engine build at home with a ltd (low temperature differential) design. The actively cooled stirling engine shown here is running with a water cooling system by electric pump. By increasing the temperature differential with water cooling, a increase in stirling cycle efficiency is expected and longevity of engine components is also expected to increase as this stirling engine design is destine for use on a wood stove for electrical power generation. This prototype stirling engine made made by hand from big beer cans at home with out the aid of commercial machine tools, in its final rendition, (if that's possible) will be made from steel and other metal components. The water cooling is accomplished with small pump repurposed from a pet water fountain, and will eventually be driven by a dc generator attached to the engine. enjoy this home made, diy stirling engine project.