June 10, 2013

log bench Home made split log bench

log bench Home made,MINDLESS BORING:A simple split log bench can be made at home and add both beauty and utility to your garden landscape, patio or lawn, and can be constructed using a few tools and rough hewn timbers. A table saw, drill and lathe are great tools if you have them. and can help you in making the supports and making dowels for pinning the logs together. Building a rustic log Bench With Logs and a Chainsaw. This is a great option for splitting the log, although wedges may be used. Notches, and holes can be drilled or chiselled and pinned with hardwood dowels, woodturned on a lathe,reducing cost. Most likely, across cut saw and draw knife, would be almost as easy to us on this wood working project.

log bench idea video, Home made fine rustic patio and garden furniture. wood turning, wood carving, plans, project idea vid,back yard machine shop and a back yard log furniture. A log bench made at home from simple split logs, is a great addition to the decoration of any backyard or garden patio. Adirondack chair. = SHARE ROCKNTV1